Giant traumatic implantation parasellar epidermoid tumor: a rare case report

Epidermoid cysts or tumors were first described by Cruveilhier1 and designated the most beautiful tumors of the body by Dandy.2 They account for nearly 1% of the intracranial tumors. These tumours are thought to arise from displaced epithelial remnants that remain after the neural tube closure. These are usually benign intradural but extracerebral lesions and are rarely found within the substance of the brain. Intracranial epidermoids are usually congenital in origin, however, acquired lesions following trauma have been rarely reported. We hereby report a case of 40 year old female with acquired parasellar giant epidermoid following trauma in her eye.To our knowledge this is the first report of such case in the available English literature.


Shrish Nalin*, Kanika Gupta

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