How To Improve Pre Frontal Cortical control

About the Study There are 7 things you can do to build more connections to your pre frontal cortex. 1. Avoid illegal drugs 2. Avoid artificial sugars 3. Avoid processed sugar 4. Avoid people that have poor self-control 5. Eliminate major stressors 6. Do work you love 7. Meditate Illegal Drugs ruin your synaptic connections and cause brain damage, a damaged brain often has poor connections to the pre frontal cortex, this often leads to socially inappropriate behavior. Artificial and processed sugars disrupt your dopamine levels; this can lead to addiction and disrupt your brains delicate equilibrium. A lot of foods claim to be sugar free but they are worse; the human brain is not designed to deal with these artificial and processed sugars. It disrupts healthy functioning in the brain. Spending time with people that have poor self-control normalizes abnormal behavior and you become habituated to that behavior and start to mimic it without realizing it. Your mirror neurons fire when you observe someone participating in a behavior, this makes your brain think you’re doing it, you release the same neurotransmitters in smaller amounts just by observing them, if they are getting approval for inappropriate behavior you will associate pleasure with this inappropriate behavior, before long you will be participating in the same behavior’s and your psychological need to belong will ensure that you continue to exhibit these behavior’s. Even if they’re destructive behavior’s. Eliminate major stressors: Until you eliminate the major stressors from your life you’ll find it hard to succeed or break old patterns because you’ll be mentally depleted all the time. You will crave novelty and find it hard to be consistent and productive and focused on your dreams and goals. We all need support, if you have no support you may have those major stressors in your life forever. Progress is hard if you have to live with major stressors for a long time and it can leave you with higher levels of glucocorticoids and larger amygdalae if the stress goes on for long enough. This is why it’s so important to ask for help when you need it. Hopefully you won’t need to ask, decent people help without being asked. If you do work you love then you won’t be mentally drained each day, it’s easy to be happy and to have self-control when you’re enjoying your work, we spend most of our lives working so it’s important to do work that we love, doing work that you hate for 40 years is very bad for your neurological health, no one can be healthy if they engage in work they hate for 40 years. Meditation is extremely important for optimal neurological functioning. Meditation raises your serotonin levels, improves your frontal cortical control and reduces your bio photon emissions. When you run out of bio photons you die, serotonin makes you feel a lot better than dopamine, so meditation is extremely important for anyone that values their neurological health and their happiness. Remember your brain releases a small amount of dopamine as you walk past a venue that you’ve been into because dopamine is a precursor, and if you regularly go in and buy some sugary treat from this venue this will be worse and very hard to ignore. Another reason this happens is because of your neurons in your posterior parietal cortex. Studies have proven that cell firing increases when your eyes move to the stimulus. So if the stimulus is your favorite food that is laden with sugar. Remember cell activity increases exponentially when you touch the object, so when your tongue touches your favorite food cell activity goes wild. Those dopaminergic pathways are programmed by what we repeatedly do, and if you’re fired up and stressed out from your last meeting how much self-control are you going to have if food has become your usual coping mechanism? Someone with low stress levels, who has an easy life, will not need to understand how to improve the function of their pre -frontal-cortex.

Author(s): Eliza Mc Namara

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