Necrotizing Fasciitis Treated with Antibiotic and Surgical Debridement in order to avoid the Symptoms - A Case Report

Necrotizing fasciitis, which has recently been the object of public attention due to the apparent emergence and growing virulence of the causative agent, is not a new disease. From 1960 only 38 cases have been reported in the scientific literature and none of them was in Spain. Of the 38 cases, 12 have been described on forehead and periorbital region. In the present article, necrotizing fasciitis is reviewed and a comment made on its classification and causative agents. Finally, the importance of performing a wide surgical debridement of the necrotic tissue is underlined. In order to delimit this debridement, image diagnostic techniques, mainly Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR), were used. The patient, a 60-year-old diabetic male was brought to casualty due to a head injury, presenting a massive, rapidly progressive periorbital oedema. After antibiotic treatment with a wide surgical debridement and cosmetic treatment, the patient is still alive.


Arrotegui JI

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